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Pet Stains And Odor Treatment
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Green Cleaning Alternatives
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Carpet Cleaning Services in Baltimore, MD

Rely on eM.Di Carpet Cleaning Baltimore to take care of all of your carpet cleaning needs. Of course, you can always go down to the local grocery store or do-it-yourself store to rent a carpet cleaner. But if you want to be assured that pet stains and grease are removed, hire a professional carpet cleaning service provider.

We guarantee that mold or mildew won't grow in your carpet. Unfortunately, this is one of the pitfalls that you might encounter when you're trying to do it yourself.

Cleaning Expertise

We specialize in the following areas: carpet steam cleaning, upholstery cleaning and rug cleaning. We thoroughly train our technicians to use various techniques of carpet cleaning.

The Right Methods

eM.Di Carpet Cleaning Baltimore has effective carpet cleaning solutions for both dry and steam cleaning. For dry cleaning we use natural cleaning product solutions that are strong enough to extract dirt, spills, and spots. They leave no residue and are hard water resistant.

These products are designed to work with foam and rotary shampoo systems. These systems gently agitate the carpet's pile so that the cleaning product gets to where the dirt is hiding. After our technicians have finished shampooing, they use a wet vacuum to extract the foam and soil. For best results, we strongly recommend that you vacuum the carpet again after it has completely dried.

Pet Odor Treatment
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Get a cost estimate over the phone
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The Equipment

Our experienced technicians use both truck-mounted and portable cleaning equipment. If you want the best when it comes to carpet stain removal, we strongly recommend the truck-mounted machine. Truck-mounted equipment is used for carpet steam cleaning.

There are two reasons why we at eM.Di Carpet Cleaning Baltimore prefer using this equipment. First, because the truck-mount unit is more powerful than the portable equipment, the carpet not only is cleaner, but it dries more quickly. This unit is two or three times more powerful than a portable cleaner. Second, this unit is great if you suffer from allergies or asthma because the humidity and filthy air flow outside, instead of traveling throughout your home.

For carpet cleaning / upholstery cleaning services in Baltimore please call us: or fill out our quick form below.

The Cleaning Power of Steam

Major carpet manufacturers suggest carpet steam cleaning, and we have to agree it is the best cleaning technique to reach deep into the carpet and extract the dirt that's trapped inside.

At eM.Di Carpet Cleaning Baltimore, we don't just clean carpets, we're very skilled at upholstery cleaning as well. Our technicians will ensure your drapes and curtains are free from dust and dirt. Before our technicians clean your furniture, they inspect it for tough stains that will require extra care and attention. Then they clean your furniture, using solutions to get the dirt that is trapped inside.

Our technicians thoroughly rinse the fabric to eliminate the dirt. We use a deodorizer to give your furniture a fresh scent. Our deodorizer contains enzymes that break down the odor-causing bacteria, such as from vomit, milk, or feces.

With years of experience our technician will fulfill any cleaning task and won't leave you unhappy with the result - a complete satisfaction guaranteed!

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